The Holocaust Stamps Project (Canada)

"A Philatelic History of The Holocaust" stamp album

Currently Under Construction: Initial Pictures & Links Expected

To Be Available Starting 8-9 April 2021 (Holocaust Remembrance Day / Yom HaShoah)


How stamps of the world tell the story of The Holocaust

⇒ Precursors of The Holocaust: Anti-Semitism and the European Fascist ideology.

⇒ The rise to power, and propaganda, of Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany.

⇒ Nazi Germany's aggressive expansion, and the toll on European Jews and other victims of The Holocaust.

⇒ Post-war recognition of the plight of refugees and victims of The Holocaust

(commemoration of important people, sites, and events).

⇒ Modern-day stamps espousing messages antithetical to the evils of The Holocaust.


German-occupied countries and the expansion of The Holocaust

⇒ Stamps and historical information on the effect of The Holocaust on European countries.